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Captain Black Little Cigars

Set sail with Captain Black little cigars, smooth-smoking small cigars that are primed and ready to go. Dating back over 40 years, Captain Black became the US?s #1 selling pipe tobacco in over 19 countries - now they?ve taken that same sweet tobacco and loaded them into easy-smoking 3 7/8 x 20 cigarillos. Kick your boots off and take your pick of delicious flavors such as Cherry, Vanilla, Sweets, and Filters- you can?t go wrong. Budget friendly and loaded with rich flavors- order yours now!

Captain Black Cherise Little Cigars


Captain Black Classic Little Cigars


Captain Black Dark Crema Little Cigars


Captain Black Grape Little Cigars


Captain Black Mini Tipped Cherise 8's


Captain Black Mini Tipped Classic 8's


Captain Black Mini Tipped Dark Crema 8's

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