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Dear Aficionados;

Have you ever wondered where does the stores you buy actually getting supplied from?

* Large wholesalers with great discounts?
* Where ever they can get from? (Collected from various suppliers)
* Or scammers who are producing really good fakes? (Grey Market)
* Have you ever asked your online store, “where do you got these from?"
* Are you able to get answers for your questions?

Cigars of Dubai is purchasing all products directly from Official Dealer. Officially and directly shipping from Duty Free to you. (Write to info@cigarsofdubai.com for all questions.)

This helps us to remove all question marks from your minds.

* Directly from Official Dealer.
* 100% Authentic Cigars
* Lowest Price Guarantee (Ship from Duty Free Zone)

All our cigars are stored in a 1000 m2 Bonded Warehouse which is located at Duty Free Zone. Cigars are protected with air conditioned 16-18C (60-65F) temperature and 65-70% RH humidity, this means standard conditions for your cigars.

All cigars are stored in a Bonded Warehouse. Our bonded warehouse is duly controlled by Customs and relevant governmental agencies. We are not paying any duties and taxes as we are located in a Bonded Warehouse and thanks to this we can provide you the top quality cigars for an affordable price. 

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